Police seize sawed off shotgun from a cyclist in Kingston, Ont.

A 26-year-old individual is facing drugs and weapons charges after police in Kingston, Ont. seized a sawed off shotgun and drugs from a cyclist.

Police say the cyclist attempted to evade two patrol officers after committing a traffic infraction last Thursday in the area of Wilson Street and Drennan Street.

When officers located the individual outside of an address on Wilson Street, one of the officers noticed a can of bear spray in the individual’s waist band.

“The individual, who was known to the officers, was subsequently arrested for possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon while prohibited,” police said.

“A further search revealed the individual to be in possession of the following items; a folding knife, brass knuckles, a sawed off twelve gauge shotgun, a quantity of crystal methamphetamine along with various drug paraphernalia.”

The individual is facing several charges, including possession of a firearm while prohibited, possession for the purpose of trafficking and breach of probation.

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