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Second stunt driving charge laid against Ottawa driver in same location two years apart

Bad habits are hard to break for one Ottawa driver who was charged with stunt driving on Wednesday.

The Ottawa Police Service’s traffic enforcement unit posted to social media that the driver was caught going 144 km/h in the 80 km/h construction zone on Highway 174 near Trim Road in Orleans.

The driver was previously charged for stunt driving in the same location, at the identical speed and by the same responding officer in November 2022. 

The motorist had also just been released from an unpaid fines driving suspension on Monday.

It is the sixth stunt driving charge laid against a motorist since Monday, including a tow truck operator who was charged after speeding in Ottawa’s west-end on Tuesday afternoon.

Stunt driving charges apply at 40 km/h above the speed limit on roads with a posted limit below 80 km/h. When laid, stunt driving charges come with an automatic roadside licence suspension of 30 days and a 14-day vehicle impound.

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