Six-year-old boy suffers broken arm after falling out window in Ottawa, police say

Ottawa police are reminding parents and guardians to secure access to your windows this spring after a six-year-old boy fell out a second storey window earlier this week.

Emergency crews responded to the incident on Baseline Road near Navaho Drive just after 7 p.m. Sunday.

Police say the boy fell out of a second storey window and suffered a broken arm. 

With the warmer weather in the forecast and the likelihood that windows are open, police warn there are safety risks for a child to potentially fall out.

“It is important to secure access to your windows,” police said.

Here are some tips to keep children safe around open windows:

  • Lock your window closed at all times when you cannot supervise a small child around this falling hazard
  • Install window guards
  • Put up window stoppers
  • Move furniture away from windows (there are more accidents when furniture is near a window)
  • Remove the cranks from crank-open windows to keep kids from opening them

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