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Students get to build electric cars, shadow the Senators and look behind the scenes of a TV newscast on Bring Our Kids to Work Day

Did you know what you wanted to be in Grade 9? Some students got a chance to build and program miniature electric cars during this year’s ‘Bring Our Kids to Work Day.’

Choosing a career early in high school is not easy for many, but on Wednesday, students had a chance to explore options and shadow a family member or friend.

“We’re just making an electric car, a self-driving electric car,” says Ben Sullivan, Grade 9 student, who visited Hub350’s space, located in Kanata North.

The future of tomorrow’s workforce got to experience the kinds of jobs they may one day do.

“It’s interesting,” says Sullivan. “It’s a new experience; it’s challenging and it’s hard.”

Grade 9 student Bella may one day follow in her mothers’ footsteps at the Kanata North Business Association Hub too.

“Maybe something like this, maybe not; I’m not sure. I haven’t explored anything else,” she says.

It was a day filled with cars, virtual reality, and media creation.

“I think that this will show them the diversity of tech in the region, first and foremost,” said Hannah Manierka with Hub350. “We have Carleton, uOttawa, Ross Media, they get to do a taste of whole bunch of different projects.”

If future-tech isn’t exciting enough, some students had a chance to spend the day with the Ottawa Senators.

“It’s fun, and it’s really cool to see what’s happening,” says Thomas, Grade 9 student.

He was learning what it takes to be a sports journalist from TSN 1200’s Gord Wilson.

“This is a dream of a lifetime job for me, and to be able to share a day like this with Thomas is special,” says Wilson.

Thomas even had a chance to ask some tough questions in the press room, following a practice skate. He asked DJ Smith who his starting goalie is. Smith replied, “Thomas, I love that, did they put you up to that? But we’re going to release that tomorrow.”

Chris Neil brought his son Cole to work with him too. “It’s pretty fun. I get to hang around with him all day,” says Cole.

“It’s awesome for him to be able to come to work with me and see all of the behind-the-scenes stuff, as far as the corporate side,” said Neil.

Some students even had a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on a CTV News Ottawa newscast.

“All the engineering behind it, the lights, everything, the TV and anything that’s technology is just fun,” said Manon Seguin, whose uncle Pat Seguin is the Technical Production Supervisor at CTV Ottawa.

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