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The cold snap in Ottawa is coming to an end

There is one more day of colder than average weather in Ottawa before we start to see warmer temperatures.

Environment Canada’s weather forecast for Ottawa calls for a high of -10 C with a wind chill of -15 in the afternoon as the sky clears and the sun comes out. There is a slight chance of a few flurries in the morning.

Overnight, the temperature is expected to rise to around -8 C by Monday morning.

Monday’s outlook is sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon with about 2 centimetres of snow expected and a high of -2 C.

Tuesday’s forecast is cloudy with a high of -2 C.

Coldest days of winter so far

Sunday’s low at 6 a.m. of -17.9 C is the coldest temperature seen so far this winter in Ottawa.

Both Friday and Saturday are tied for the coldest day of the year so far, with mean temperatures of -14.3 C. Friday’s low was colder than Saturday’s but Saturday’s high was colder than Friday’s.

The stretch of cold weather has led to the opening of a portion of the Rideau Canal Skateway. A 1.9 kilometre stretch from Bank Street to the Pretoria Bridge opens at 9 a.m. Sunday, marking the first skating on the canal since 2022. The skateway did not open once last year.

The average high temperature for this time of year is around -6 C, while the average low is around -16 C. The coming warmup will bring both high and low temperatures above the seasonal average, but the current forecast isn’t predicting any temperatures above the freezing mark this week.

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