This is how much a ‘gas tax holiday’ could save Ottawa motorists

With the price at the pump soaring, we could all use some relief while filling up the gas tank in Ottawa.

In the United States, President Joe Biden is considering a so-called “gas tax holiday”; but, how much would it save those filling up in Ottawa if Canada introduced the same plan?

Greg Beach and his wife have purchased a new camping trailer.

“We’re going to go on the road, spend some time and enjoy it,” Beach told CTV News Ottawa at Ottawa Camping Trailers on Thursday.

Towing the trailer will cost them, with Beach believing a weekend or a week away will cost about $300 to $400, depending on how far you travel.

“Usually your gas mileage cuts in half when you hook on to the camper.”

Vacation-bound, they could use a break from high gas prices too.

“Likely with our trips that we have booked at this point, it might cost us $500 or $600 more than it would’ve last summer.”

Countries around the world are reducing what it costs motorists to fill up, by implementing a so-called “gas tax holiday.”

“Oh, that would be amazing,” says Blaine McAvoy, General Manager of Ottawa Camping Trailers on Bank Street. “We’d have so many more people travelling, so many more people coming in checking out the trailers; going for freedom – freedom basically, is what they’re going to get if the gas prices go down.”

While the Ontario government plans to cut the provincial portion of the gas tax on July 1, many are hoping the federal government does the same.

“Oh, I think we need some relief,” says Dan McTeague, Canadians for Affordable Energy President. “Like it or not, the price of gasoline, the price of diesel – the higher cost of energy has now cascaded throughout the economy.”

McTeague says a cut in the Federal Excise Tax would be $2.2 billion less in revenue.

“I think Canadians want the government to do this, but the federal government itself is not interested. It comes up with unfounded excuses like it won’t be passed on to consumers, which is total non-sense.”


McTeague broke down the numbers: 

July 1: If the Ontario government cuts the province’s excise tax on fuel5.7 cents/L (6.4 cents with HST added)

Federal Excise tax:10 cents/L (11.3 cents with HST added).

With an average price of 199.9 cents a litre in Ottawa on Thursday, gas would drop to 182.2 cents a litre.

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