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Sask. RCMP issue a ticket for cellphone use in Saskatoon McDonalds drive-thru

It’s not every day you get a traffic ticket in a drive-thru, but for one person in Saskatchewan, it was an expensive meal on Monday.

RCMP say one adult male was charged under the Traffic Safety Act on May 13 in Saskatoon after a traffic stop was held in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

“The individual was observed driving a vehicle on a public roadway while using a cellphone,” RCMP said in a release. A Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan RCMP officer initiated a traffic stop with the individual.

“The individual then pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot, where the traffic violation was issued.”

RCMP did not outline how much the ticket was issued for, however, according to SGI, a 1st offence distracted driving ticket is $580 and four demerit points.

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