‘Tucks’ Truck’ passes through Saskatchewan on worldwide tour

Tucks’ Truck recently passed through Saskatchewan while on a worldwide tour that’s spanned 46 countries and counting.

Marcus and Julie Tuck set out on the adventure from the United Kingdom and live in a 4×4 off-road camper truck named Cuthbert.

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“It is a bit like a regular RV but with off-road capability and we set out to explore the world,” Julie told Global News from Russell, Man.

“It is very comfortable. It was made in Germany by a company called Bocklet, and they specialize in what they describe as expedition vehicles,” Marcus said.

“It’s got very good insulation … in Whitehorse, (Yukon), we were down to temperatures of -30 centigrade and we were wearing T-shirts inside the truck. It’s nice and warm … it keeps the heat out as well.”

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Click to play video: 'Worldwide truck trip rolls through Saskatchewan' Worldwide truck trip rolls through Saskatchewan

Worldwide truck trip rolls through Saskatchewan

One of the biggest misconceptions the Tucks have heard while on their overlanding experience since 2014 is about safety.

“I think, it’s mainly people think crime and danger … and I say we’ve been travelling for over seven years — Canada’s country 46 — we’ve been through Africa, all of the Americas except for Venezuela and 99.9 per cent of everybody you meet are super friendly,” Marcus said.

“And there really isn’t this big, ‘Oh, you go to El Salvador, you’re going to get shot.’ I mean, no. Sure you don’t go to certain parts in certain cities but, I mean, I wouldn’t advise tourists to go to certain parts of London after dark. As long as you’re sensible.”

“We’ve had great receptions all over the world.”

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During the latest leg of their journey, they’ve been travelling across Western Canada.

“We’ve spent a lot of time up in the Rockies and over in B.C. for the last year and just getting out into the Prairies and just seeing the big open skies and the big open plains of Saskatchewan has been amazing,” Julie said.

“We loved visiting Regina. We went to the RCMP Heritage Centre and also to the legislature building and had a tour learning a bit about how Saskatchewan’s governed from the tour there so we really enjoyed that.

“We’ve really enjoyed the time out here and we’re going to spend some more time out here.”

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