City van responding to water main break plunges into sinkhole in Saskatoon

A City of Saskatoon van ended up in a sinkhole Tuesday.

The city said the sinkhole on 37th Street near Byers Crescent was caused by a water main break.

The two staff members in the vehicle were responding to the water main issue when their van got stuck.

The force of the water escaping the water main caused the van to sink further, but the city said the workers were safely out of the van by the time the front of the vehicle was submerged to the point of lifting the back wheels off the street.

The workers inside the van were able to get out before the vehicle got this submerged. (City of Saskatoon)

There is no indication that anyone was hurt.

The repairs to the water main will take two days to complete, the city said. No one should lose their water service while that is being done.