Strong winds down trees, cause power outages Monday morning in Saskatoon

Sam Conrad wasn’t surprised to wake up this morning and see a huge tree branch resting on her SUV’s roof.

On Sunday night and Monday morning, the Saskatoon area saw huge gusts of wind, sometimes upwards of 100 km/h.

“I shut my window last night, because I could hear it going,” said Conrad.

“Not surprised that I have a tree on my car.”

The winds wreaked havoc across the city. Large parts of the city were temporarily without power, and trees blocked roads across Saskatoon.

Winds downed large branches in Saskatoon on Monday morning. (David Shield/CBC)

City crews were busy cutting down trees, including this one, which was uprooted by the strong winds.

Crews were busy cutting up trees into the afternoon.

Workers for the city were busy cutting up a large tree Monday morning. (Don Somers/CBC)

There was considerable property damage as well. This woman’s gazebo landed on her roof.

Theresa Taylor-Mudrik’s gazebo ended up on her roof after a powerful windstorm. (Theresa Taylor-Mudrik/Facebook)

This person’s play structure was completely destroyed.

Some trees were brought down by the wind on Monday morning. (Leisha Grebinski/CBC)

The wind warning ended at about 7:30 a.m. CST in Saskatoon but was maintained for the Prince Albert and Duck Lake area, and the Melfort, Tisdale, and Carrot River area. 

Winds are expected to be about 20 km/h by Monday night.