Motion for city council to take over development corporation on hold in Sudbury

The motion to disband the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) has been deferred, again.

It was first introduced a few months ago by Mayor Brian Bigger and if approved, would see city council take over as the board of directors of the GSDC. The city would also assume all accountability for economic development activities and interests.

The motion would also establish the Greater Sudbury Select Cabinet for Economic Development, which would provide advice on generating economic activity, and the Economic Development Standing Committee.

During the city council meeting on Tuesday, Bigger asked for a deferral of this motion until the Nov. 26 meeting.

The mayor says he’s been having productive conversations with Andrée Lacroix, the chair of the board of directors for the GSDC.

“I think we’ve been working well together.” Bigger said. “I do believe that we all, Greater Sudbury Development Corporation members of the board and council, we’re all working in the best interest of the City of Greater Sudbury.”

“I want to keep having that conversation to find a solution together.”

“As we appear to be seeing eye-to-eye on council’s expectations of the GSDC and its role, that we will be able to move forward together, so I’d like to give that a chance, give the leadership of the GSDC the opportunity to work with council on this,” Bigger added.

A few city councillors were against the deferral, suggesting that Bigger simply withdraw the motion rather than deferring it once again. However, the majority of council voted to defer.

Lacroix says she would have preferred to see the motion withdrawn, but is still happy with the deferral.

“I think there is a genuine intent by the mayor to work with the board to update our existing operating agreement and reach a new agreement by the November date,” she said.