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$1M aerial truck destroyed in fire at under-construction townhouse complex in Vaughan

A fire truck valued at $1M has been destroyed in a large fire that broke out early Sunday morning at an under-construction townhouse development in Vaughan.

Deputy chief Grant Moffatt, of Vaughan Fire, told reporters at the scene that crews had set up an aerial vehicle to battle the blaze, but it caught fire and the firefighters manning that truck were unable to move it back in time as the aerial was activated.

“Unfortunately, it’s a total loss,” he said.

An aerial fire truck valued at $1M was destroyed in a large fire that broke out on Nov. 5 at an under-construction townhouse development in Vaughan. (Supplied photo)

The fire, which was declared a three-alarm shortly after firefighters arrived on scene, erupted shortly after 4 a.m. in the area of Rutherford Road and Highway 27. 

Moffatt said that the wind posed a problem for crews as it caused the fire to spread quickly to several unoccupied residences nearby. Roughly 35 unoccupied townhomes in various stages of construction caught fire.

There were also reports of explosions “possibly from propane cylinders on site,” Vaughan Fire said.

In total, 13 or 14 fire apparatuses as well as just under 60 firefighters from both day and night shifts were deployed to fight this fire.  

As of 10 a.m., most of the fire is out, Moffatt said, however the original unit where it started is still considered an active fire along with five or six other residences in that same complex.

No injuries have been reported. 

A large fire broke out at a “large structure of unoccupied units under construction” near Rutherford Road and Highway 27 early Sunday morning. (Giovanni Simone/photo)

A small number of occupied homes next to the construction site have been evacuated as a precautionary  measure. York Region Transit buses are on scene to shelter those the displaced, who are expected to be allowed back into their homes sometime this morning.

Rutherford Road remains closed down at this time.

The Office of the Fire Marshal along with fire investigators with York Regional Police will now be working to determine the origin, circumstances, and cause of this fire.

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