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Herdman happy to be back in B.C. as Toronto FC takes on the Vancouver Whitecaps

A trip to Vancouver and Toronto FC coach John Herdman was able to have his daughter Lily and dog Charlie at training Friday.

“It’s just good to be home,” he said simply.

Herdman has been on his own in Toronto since taking over TFC on Oct. 1. Wife Clare and the kids remains in B.C. where Lily goes to school and son Jay plays for the Vancouver Whitecaps reserve side.

Herdman and TFC takes on the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday.

Asked if Jay is talking to him, given the split loyalties, Herdman laughed.

“No he’s not. He’s gone on blackout,” he said. “I saw him last night. We were just winding each other up. I was telling him I was playing with a different formation and with different players up front. Just winding him up. We’ve had a bit of banter.”

Herdman has happy memories of coaching Canada at B.C. Place Stadium.

“We had some big matches there,” he said.

“Just being back home, it’s special … Again just seeing the family at training today. Having your dog around. It’s been nice,” he added. “It’s been something I’ve needed, to be honest … Even Vancouver. I’m pretty biased but it’s such a beautiful city.”

Herdman said he has shared stories and pointed out local sites to TFC players making their first trip to the West Coast.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 5, 2024. 

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