Ontario couple scammed out of $1.2 million after thinking they won U.S. lottery

An Ontario couple has been defrauded of their life savings after being scammed into thinking they won millions of dollars in a U.S. lottery, police say.

According to a news release from Durham police on Wednesday, the couple from Uxbridge, Ont. lost $1.2 million in the scam.

Police said after the couple lost their life savings, they turned to a family friend requesting a loan of $130,000.

That friend contacted police about the situation, and they elderly couple realized they had been defrauded, police said.

CTV News Toronto contacted Durham police for more information about the situation, but they declined to comment to protect the couple’s identity.

Police are reminding residents that most lotteries require the winner to be a resident of the province, state and/or country to collect the winnings.

In Canada, it is illegal to charge a fee or tax associated for the winnings. For example, if you win $1,000 you have won $1,000. There is no service fee, insurance fee, or no clearance fee.

Police said anyone who is uncertain of the validity of a claim can contact the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

“Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” police said.

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