Ontario scrapping tolls on two highways starting next week

The Ontario government is permanently scrapping tolls on two highways starting next week.

Beginning on April 5, tolls will be removed on Highway 412 and Highway 418. The move was announced by the provincial government in February.

Highways 412 and 418 are two north-south oriented highways that connect Highway 401 to Highway 407 in Durham Region. They are currently the only tolled north-south highways in Ontario.

“We agree that the tolls imposed on Highways 412 and 418 by the previous government are wrong and unfair,” Premier Doug Ford said in February while announcing the tolls would be removed.

The government said they believe removing these tolls will provide more travel options for local residents, and relieve gridlock on local roads across Durham Region.

Tolls on Highway 407, which is privately owned and operated, are not effected by this change.

The current tolls rates for Highway 412 and 418 are the consistent with Highway 407, which vary depending on the time and direction a driver is travelling.

For more information on calculating highway tolls in Ontario click here.

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