Remaining Toronto Zoo tiger cub continuing to ‘grow and thrive’

TORONTO — Days after the Toronto Zoo announced the death of a second endangered Amur tiger cub, zoo keepers have confirmed that the last cub is in good health.

“Mazy, [mother], continues to closely care for the cub and the two are continuing to develop a strong bond with each other,” zookeeper Ryan Hegarty of The Toronto Zoo told CTV News Toronto, adding that the cub “continues to grow and thrive.”

“Mazy enjoys short breaks on her own to stretch, eat and release some energy, while the keepers start to bond with the cub. When Mazy returns to the cub she is nurturing and lovingly “chuffing” towards her.”

The news of the remaining cub’s good health comes just five days after one of the cubs, referred to as “Small,” was euthanized due to heart defects too complex to repair.

Small was the second cub of the litter of three, born April 30, 2021, to be euthanized — the first suffered from multiple ailments, including liver failure.

This litter of Amur tiger cubs was the first born at the Toronto Zoo since 2007. 

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