TDSB closes Scarborough school due to COVID-19 outbreak that involves variants of concern

The Toronto District School Board has closed a Scarborough school due to a COVID-19 outbreak that involves variants of concern.

Donwood Park Public School, located at 61 Dorcot Ave., has six cases of COVID-19 overall, according to Toronto Public Health (TPH), which recommended the closure, or “temporary dismissal,” which took effect on Monday.

Four cases at the school have screened positive for variants of concern and community exposure is suspected in four cases, TPH said in a news release on Monday.

TPH is recommending that the entire school and families connected to it be tested for COVID-19. The school, which runs from kindergarten to Grade 8, is located north of Lawrence Avenue, between Midland and Brimley avenues.

“Dismissing the school is a precautionary measure to allow TPH to complete an investigation while protecting the school community and prevent further virus spread,” the public health unit said in a news release on Monday.

The TDSB has notified parents and guardians about the closure and TPH said it has followed up with close contacts.

Variants of concern are believed to be more transmissible and spreading in Toronto and Ontario, TPH said. 

“This increases the risk that the virus will spread between people. Faster and wider spread of the virus makes it more likely that more people will get sick, which can increase strain on the health-care system,” TPH said.

“TPH is releasing this information in an effort to ensure the public remains vigilant in efforts to help stop the spread and as part of the TPH’s response to COVID-19,” the public health unit said.

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