Toronto man paving driveway gets eight tickets in three days for parking car on road

A Toronto man says he is frustrated and shocked after receiving eight tickets from the city for parking on the street while his driveway was being paved.

Desmond Courtney said he had to move his three vehicles from the driveway outside of his Scarborough home out onto the street back in November last year.

“There were no signs telling us we couldn’t do that,” he told CTV News Toronto. “I mean the person who gave us the ticket, they had no any form of consideration when they saw in our driveway was been repaired … It’s kind of ridiculous.”

Courtney said for months they tried fighting the tickets issued to them by the City of Toronto. He said that the tickets altogether amounted to about $300.

“We challenged them. We tried to fight it and tell them our driveway was being repaired, but they just replied that we have to we have to pay for the tickets,” he said.

Courtney said the street nearby their home seemed to be the best place to park as there were no signs around and it was a quiet area far from their local school zone.

A spokesperson for the city told CTV News Toronto that unless there is a sign, there is a maximum three-hour parking limit on all public roads.

“Residents and visitors can purchase temporary daily or weekly parking permits online anytime,” the spokesperson said.

“Vehicles that have a valid temporary parking permit will not receive an infraction notice if they exceed the three-hour limit. Upon request, Toronto Police may give consideration to groups or individuals for a variety of circumstances.”

Courtney said he was no aware of the city’s rules, and wishes there were signs available explaining the process. 

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