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Video shows BMW driver going 100km/h over speed limit in Vaughan, Ont.

Video has been released of a BMW driver caught by police allegedly going 160km/h in a 60km/h zone as well as two other motorists who were street racing in Vaughan earlier this month.

The two separate incidents are the latest to be flagged by York Regional Police as part of Project ERASE, a multi-jurisdictional police initiative aimed at combatting stunt driving and other high-risk driving behaviors.

The first incident occurred on Aug. 3 on Islington Avenue near Napa Valley Drive when the drivers of two vehicles were preparing to race.

In dashcam video, two vehicles can be observed travelling at a high-rate of speed by a following police officer. According to police, the vehicles, a Fiat and an Audi, reached speeds of over 130km/h in a 60km/h zone.

In the video, officers approach both drivers once they had slowed down and informed them of the charges.

Both vehicles were impounded for 14 days and the drivers were each charged with speeding and stunt driving. As well, the drivers licences of both motorists were suspended for 30 days.

A suspect caught street racing in Vaughan, Ont. is seen in this dashcam footage.(York Regional Police)

In the second incident, an officer observed the driver of a BMW travelling at a speed of 162km/h in a 60km/h zone on Aug, 6 in the area of Major Mackenzie Drive West and Pine Valley Drive.

Dashcam video of that incident shows the officer stopping the driver, who admits the vehicle is not his, but his father’s.

“I was able to get you on radar at like 160km/h… so we have a problem,” the officer is heard saying to the driver.

The driver was also charged with stunt driving and speeding and his licence was suspended for 30 days. As well, the car was impounded for two weeks.

“Aggressive driving and street racing are dangerous, unlawful activities which put innocent people at risk of injury or death. The real finish line may be court, fines, jail, vehicle seizure, a loss of driving privileges or even worse, the hospital or the morgue,” police said in a news release.

Since 1999, Project ERASE (Eliminate Racing Activity on Streets Everywhere), has been cracking down on unsafe driving on roads across Ontario.

Motorists who witness stunt driving are encouraged to call 911, police said.

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