York Regional Police officer charged with fabrication of evidence after internal investigation

York Regional Police say it has charged one of its officers with fabrication of evidence after an internal investigation.

The officer, 24, has also been charged with obstruction of justice and breach of trust. He is due to appear in a Newmarket courtroom on May 25. Currently, he is suspended with pay.

In a news release on Tuesday, police said the investigation began after officers went to a supervisor to complain about the conduct of another officer.

According to police, an officer pulled over a vehicle for a traffic stop in Markham in October 2021. Police said the officer removed the driver and passenger from the vehicle and searched it. Police also said the officer, during the search, found some cocaine in a purse that belonged to the passenger.

“The officer claimed after the fact that he had observed cannabis and cocaine in the vehicle and that was the reason for the search,” police said in the release.

“No physical evidence or information from other officers at the stop confirmed the presence of cocaine or cannabis visible prior to the search.”

None of the allegations have been proved in court.

The police’s professional standards bureau conducted the investigation and laid charges against the officer.

Police said the accused has been a member of its service since 2019.

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