RCMP shot at by distraught man at residence in Chilliwack

Police in Chilliwack say they are in a standoff with a distraught man in a home who has fired shots at officers.

The RCMP is asking residents on Christina Drive to stay in their homes as the situation unfolds.

Chilliwack RCMP says officers were called to a residence on Christina Drive because of a distraught man around 9 p.m. PT Saturday.

Upon arriving, officers say they were shot at by the man, according to a release from Sgt. Krista Vrolyk. She did not say if any officers were injured.

“This situation remains very fluid,” said the release.

There are numerous police officers in the area including an emergency response team, members of Chilliwack RCMP, crisis negotiators and a police helicopter.

‘Very high risk situation’

Vrolyk said she was hopeful police would be able to bring the incident to a close without further violence.

“This is a very high risk situation and all police efforts are being directed to bring this incident to a safe conclusion,” said the release.

Chilliwack RCMP are also asking the public to avoid the area and not share details on social media about the scene such as the movement of officers or their location.

Vrolyk said she would provide an update to the situation upon its conclusion.