White Rock mayor wants $4 million from province to repair city park damaged by heavy rain

The Mayor of White Rock says one of his city’s treasured parks is in desperate need of help. 

Mayor Darryl Walker says torrential rains over about six days in late January led to heavy mud and uprooted trees in Ruth Johnson Park and nearby Coldicutt Ravine.

The city has closed the lower part of the park and the ravine is closed indefinitely.

“It’s just not safe,” Walker said. 

“Some of these trails, I won’t say they’re destroyed totally, but the walkways … many of them are wooden walkways with steps and so on. We have to get those repaired again before we can have anybody going in.”

White Rock’s mayor said several days of rain caused substantial damage to walkways and stairs in the park. (City of White Rock)

Walker says the city bore the brunt of last month’s extreme weather and wants help from the province. 

The city has applied for just over $4 million under B.C.’s disaster financial assistance program.

Walker said the windy, rainy winters are getting worse.

“Climate change in my opinion is a huge piece of what’s happening within our city and certainly I believe within the world, quite frankly,” he said.

The city is doing some repairs but it’s unclear when the damaged areas will reopen to the public.

Photos from the park show the unstable slope at Coldicutt Ravine. (City of White Rock)