‘Carrousel @Home’ celebration sees 12,000 online visitors

WINDSOR, ONT. — The reviews are in for the virtual celebration of culture in the Windsor region.

Organizers of this year’s ”Carrousel @Home” say they received a positive response and messages of appreciation.

The executive director of the Multi-Cultural council says she was overwhelmed by the supportive remarks.

Kathleen Thomas adds she was pleased to see how well groups worked together to showcase the diversity in the area.

Carrousel at home

Before the pandemic — organizers planned traditional celebrations with people coming to locations spread throughout the city — but they had to quickly come up with a new format when regulations on social gatherings were introduced.

“When we made the announcement that the award-winning Carrousel of the Nations would not take place this summer, it was disappointing for our villages, our event partners, and of course, for our community at large,” said Thomas.

The event came together in a few weeks to record 26 cultural village presentations, 26 community greetings and eight partner restaurant messages.


The recordings were combined to recreate an online celebration with nearly 12,000 visits in 18 hours.

People had a chance to see Carrousel events on Facebook and Twitch in the safety of their homes on Friday and Saturday.

Some groups also cooked up a storm giving residents a chance to pick up an international dish and take it home.

Carrousel of the Nations