CUPE fighting back against public service cuts

A campaign fighting back against cuts made the Ontario government made a stop in Windsor.

CUPE Ontario president Fred Hahn spoke to 400 health care workers and paramedics at Caesars Windsor on Wednesday.

“We don’t want cuts to our public services,” says Hahn. “We deserve better services not cuts.”

Hahn says the “Communities Not Cuts” campaign aims at the provincial governments attack on Ontario’s public services and its employees.

Hahn believes the cuts to public services has made life harder for all Ontarians.

“The problem is a revenue problem because we also generate the lowest amount of taxes and that’s not because of you and I aren’t paying our fair share, it’s because profitable corporations and the wealthiest in our community are paying the lowest amount here in Ontario and that’s got to change.”

Hahn tells CTV News the province spends less per person to provide public services compared to every other province.

CUPE Ontario represents more than 270,000 public jobs.