Students help improve downtown through Little Things Matter program

Students traded their pencils for paint brushes Wednesday to help beautify Windsor’s downtown core.

Six students from the Maranatha Christian Academy joined forces with the Little Things Matter program, an initiative aimed at improving the image of downtown Windsor.

And it was all started by the late Mark Boscariol, a downtown business owner and inner city proponent.

“It’s really neat to see the students experiencing something other than sitting at a desk, reading books, and doing questions and writing essays,” said David Fuller, the high school’s vice principal. “And hopefully for them, it’s a different experience, too.”

The program focuses on what people see from the street — the appearance of the front and facade of different houses.

On Wednesday, students added a fresh coat of white paint to one home’s porch.

Brandon Boldt is the coordinator of the Little Things Matter program. (Tahmina Aziz/CBC)

“When people enjoy where they live, they stay. If we can help people enjoy where they live, it’ll ensure our community members are here for the long-term,” said Brandon Boldt, coordinator of the Little Things Matter program.

“And that means deeper relationships can be built. That means people can hold onto their properties for a longer period of time.”

Alicia Grace Xavier said she “wants to give back to the community” by helping paint a porch for the Little Things Matter program. (TAHMINA AZIZ/CBC)

Residents who are recipients of these kind gestures are always “gracious and thankful,” according to Boldt.

This year, funding came from the local casino’s Caesars Cares program in the form of a “large grant.” That allowed Little Things Matter to match resident contributions up to $1,000.