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‘A lot of fun’: Manitoba-based Indigenous-led sitcom returns for 2nd season

The creator of a Manitoba-based sitcom set on a fictional northern First Nation says he can’t wait for people to watch its new season.

 “We did such a good job on all the episodes, so I’m excited for the country to see the work that we’ve done,” said Paul Rabliauskas, co-creator and star of Acting Good.

The edgy CTV comedy began its second season on Oct. 16. Rabliauskas said his entire family flew in to Winnipeg from his home community to celebrate the premiere.

The Indigenous-led show is based on Rabliauskas’ life growing up on Poplar River First Nation. He said playing a fictional version of himself is a strange experience.

“He’s not really the best character, he’s kind of a weasel and he’s kind of a momma’s boy – and all that stuff is true, all of it comes from real life,” said Rabliauskas. “It’s weird to watch that, it’s sort of looking in a mirror a little bit, but it’s also a lot of fun.”

 Both seasons of Acting Good were shot in Manitoba, with season two interiors filmed at a Winnipeg studio and exteriors at Brokenhead Ojibway Nation. The story follows Rabliauskas’ real-life attempts to break into acting through stand-up comedy.

 “I went home many times with my tail between my legs, and that’s sort of what the show is about, and season two starts off the exact same way,” he said.

“You’re going to see my character try to grow up a little bit, and that’s going to take pretty much all 10 episodes,” Rabliauskas added.

He feels lucky to have his own television show during what he calls a “golden age” of Indigenous film and television.

“There wasn’t that much of it growing up, so I’m here rooting for everybody!”

Rabliauskas said though it’s important to have more Indigenous representation on television, Acting Good isn’t just a sitcom about life on the reserve.

“I think it’s beautiful that comedy is the focal point of the show,” Rabliauskas said. “And it just so happens that we’re in this beautiful unique place that happens to be full of amazing Indigenous people.”

Acting Good airs Mondays on CTV. Episodes are also available to stream online.

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