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Automated water meters could be coming to Winnipeg homes

The practice of submitting meter readings, and having a City of Winnipeg meter reader come into your home, could be coming to and end.

A new report is recommending Winnipeg move ahead with a $135 million plan to replace existing water meters with “Advanced Metering Infrastructure.”

The report says the new meters would improve customer service, save money, and improve the accuracy of readings.

“The business case projects AMI will improve accuracy in billing and increase annual revenue by $16.1 million once implementation is complete. Further, a reduction of $2.2 million in operating costs is projected annually post implementation,” the report states.

The report says AMI technology enables meters to be read remotely from a central location using radio transmitters attached to each water meter.

It says this eliminates the need for customers to send in quarterly readings, have a meter reader enter the home, and this system could catch potential leaks before billing, saving a homeowner money.

The city says it has around 217,000 residential and commercial water meters with 60 per cent needing replacement because they are past their service life

If approved, installations could begin in 2025. 

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