Canadian Armed Forces to arrive in Manitoba this week to help with COVID-19 crisis

WINNIPEG — The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) will be arriving in Manitoba this week to help the province’s health-care system deal with an increase in COVID-19 cases.

In an email to CTV News, National Defence said support will start on May 28.

Manitoba is set to receive two “multi-purpose medical assistance teams.”

“These are scalable healthcare provider teams primarily composed of Critical Care Nursing Officers and Medical Technicians,” the CAF said in an email.

The teams are expected to be rotated out of the province and they will help provide local medical care at identified facilities as well as general duties such as planning, logistics and administrative support.

The province will also be given CAF members for general duties, critical care patient aeromedical transportation, and up to three lab technicians.

“The exact number of CAF personnel who will be dedicated to this request will fluctuate based on evolving needs.”

The armed forces are expected to be in Manitoba for four weeks, after which an extension will be reassessed.

“A portion of the Task Force will be assigned to provincial medical facilities. Planning is ongoing, and based on needs identified by provincial authorities, medical teams and support personnel will be assigned to specific locations, which have not yet been confirmed at this time.”

National Defence said all CAF members who are assigned to Manitoba will be given personal protective equipment and will follow all measures by Canada’s public health experts.

“The CAF is also ensuring that all CAF members supporting the Province of Manitoba have been offered the opportunity to be vaccinated.”

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