Canadian soldiers assume Queen’s Guard duties


Canadian artillery soldiers have assumed Queen’s Guard duties in the U.K. beginning with “Changing of the Guard” ceremonies at Buckingham Palace and St. James Palace on Monday.

The guard is comprised of 90 soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery United Kingdom Public Duties Contingent, many of whom are based out of Manitoba’s C.F.B. Shilo.

“This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for our soldiers and they are embracing every moment of it,” said Major Michael Crosier, Guard Commander of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery U.K. Public Duties Contingent. “While training and preparations leading up to this were at times long, when Canadian soldiers marched onto the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, they truly felt the full magnitude of their duties.”

For the mount and dismount ceremonies, which happen several times throughout the month, the Queen’s Guard will be accompanied by the 36-person Royal Canadian Artillery Band, based in Edmonton.

It’s the first time the regiment is undertaking public duties in the U.K.

For this tour, the troops will be guarding four royal residences; Buckingham Palace, St. James Palace, Windsor Castle, and the Tower of London.

Queen Elizabeth invited the regiment to form the guard, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery’s founding.

They will be serving as the Queen’s Guard until October 22.

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