Catalytic converter thefts a growing problem in Winnipeg, councillors say

Two city councillors say catalytic converter thefts have become a growing problem in Winnipeg, and want the city to take some action.

Winnipeg police previously told CTV News it has seen the increase in catalytic converter thefts – with more 336 reported thefts in 2020 to more than 1,600 in 2021.

It’s a problem Councillors Matt Allard and Sherri Rollins want the city to take a closer look at.

“Catalytic converter thefts have been a growing problem in Winnipeg and in many Canadian municipalities,” a motion moved by the two councillors reads. “Anecdotal evidence suggests that these thefts are well organized and coordinated.”

Catalytic converters, a part of a vehicle used to reduce toxic gases and pollutants from an internal combustion engine, are often targeted for the precious materials within them.

Vehicles that have had the catalytic converter stolen will make a loud roaring sound similar to a faulty muffler, police have told CTV News.

The motion, which is set to be discussed by the Executive Policy Committee next week, calls for the public service to report back with options to respond to the wave of catalytic converter thefts.

“Including but not limited to a catalytic converter task force to respond in a specialized way to the crisis,” the motion reads.

The motion says the city has had success in the past with specialized responses to what it called, “specific criminal phenomenon.”

The councillors also want to see the public service reach out to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Association of Manitoba Municipalities to create a coordinated response to the problem. 

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