Christmas tree sale returns to River Heights for 58th holiday season

With Christmas less than four weeks away, a holiday mainstay has returned to River Heights.

The 67th Winnipeg Scout Group’s annual Christmas tree and wreath sale is back on at the Corydon Community Centre, raising funds for the group’s camps, activities and equipment.

Group Commissioner Doug Strang said the sale has been going since 1965. “This is the 58th year in a row that we have been selling Christmas trees in River Heights for our scout group,” he said.

Trees and wreaths are on sale in the parking lot at 1370 Grosvenor Avenue. Prices range from $28 for a Manitoba Spruce to $110 for an old fashioned Fraser Fir.

Strang said the premium trees are likely to go fast, “What were hearing is that supply may be a little short this year, but it’s really hard to predict because we thought so last year and in the end we had lots of supply,” he said.

He said it’s a good idea to buy your tree now if you want a good selection. “If you don’t want to put up your tree this early, keep it outside and then just bring it in when you want to set up,” said Strang.

He added that its been incredibly rewarding to be a part of the community’s holiday traditions over the years, “We have people coming year after year, bringing their children, and then their children are bringing their grandchildren, I guess that’s the beauty of having been around so long,” he said.

He said it’s a simple holiday tradition that people take comfort in. “I don’t think things have changed really very much since we started our sale in the sixties. We’re here, we’re selling trees and wreaths.”

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