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City asking for input on garbage collection

The City of Winnipeg wants your feedback this month on how well it collects garbage and recycling.

As part of a regular review of its waste management strategy, the city is asking Winnipeg residents to answer a series of questions about its garbage collection program.

Questions on the survey ask about the possibility of garbage and recycling collection every two weeks, and whether residents mix garbage and recycling together on a regular basis, among others.

Councillor Brian Mayes, chair of the standing policy committee on water, waste and environment, says the survey is part of a ten-year review of Winnipeg’s garbage cart collection system, which was implemented in 2011.

“It is a periodic review, and it is timely given the debate we’re having about compost pickup,” said Mayes.

The city recently completed a composting pilot program and is looking at implementing it city-wide. Mayes said city council will make some key decisions about changes to garbage and recycling collection in the spring.

“More and more of the city’s residents live in condos, apartments. Should there be a fee for those people? That’s really a contentious issue,” said Mayes. “Is it fair to put a fee there instead of putting it on the property tax?”

The survey is available on the city website until Nov. 30. The city is also asking residents for any suggestions they might have to improve waste management.

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