City parks paving request for Winnipeg art supply store

A local art supply store no longer has to worry about a parking lot dispute with the city.

Artists Emporium is moving its location to Roseberry Street after a new building was bought in September.

Before opening the doors, Janeen Junson, the owner, had to make improvements to the building that included changing the venting system and adding a wheelchair ramp.

Junson had previously told CTV News the city also required her to have 42 parking spots and pave a gravel lot behind the building.

She felt she didn’t need that many parking spaces, saying the store usually averages six to seven vehicles at any given time. She added it would cost more than $100,000 to pave the behind the building.

On Thursday, Junson appealed the city’s decision and the appeal committee voted in favour of her appeal, meaning she would not be required to have those extra parking spaces.

“There was evidence put into the record that not only would this be more than they require, but that there is plenty of parking given their intervals,” said Coun. Sherri Rollins.

No one on the appeal committee voted against Junson’s appeal.

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