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‘Don’t be intimidated’: Manitoba Pinball League encourages new players at New Years tournament

It was an afternoon of flipping silver balls into bumpers and looking for that top score as the Manitoba Pinball League celebrated the New Year with a special “Beat the Clock” tournament at Half Pints Brewing Company Sunday.

“Basically what we do is we have a set amount of time, and nobody gets eliminated,” said league commissioner David Morris. “Everyone just gets to keep playing until that specific time is met. And then whoever has the most points, wins.”

Morris said the format has become more popular in recent years, as has the game of pinball in Manitoba.

“There’s been a lot more interest in pinball lately, it’s been growing like crazy last number of years,” said Morris. “We’re happy and fortunate in Winnipeg to have a few different places that you can come and play pinball.”

The tournament drew 22 participants battling it out for pinball supremacy. Morris clarified that it was an individual competition, with everyone playing against each other rather than in teams.

The league has many events planned for the new year, with details available on its website (link). A women’s league also meets on the last Monday of every month.

Morris encourages anyone who is interested in pinball to come try it out. “Don’t be intimidated by better players than you,” he said. “Everybody here is willing to help and give the knowledge that they have to make you a better player.”

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