Dozens of fish found dead in Linden Woods retention ponds

Dozens of dead fish have been found in retention ponds in Linden Woods.

The City of Winnipeg confirmed crews removed about 65 dead fish from the ponds in the Linden Woods area. The city said told CTV News it is not sure what caused the fish to die.

Crews have taken water samples for testing and are monitoring the conditions of the ponds. The city said while these tests are unlikely to determine what caused the death of the fish, they will determine the current water quality conditions in the pond.

“The fish deaths are not uncommon and can happen as a result of many factors such as oxygen depletion or natural causes,” a spokesperson for the city told CTV News in an email. “Residents are advised not to handle any dead or dying animals.”

The city said reports of any dead animals found at retention ponds on public property can be made to 311 and the dead animals will be picked up by the city.

As for how the fish got in the retention pond in the first place, the city said it does not stock the waters with fish. Rather fish make their way into the ponds by swimming upstream from a river when water levels are high.

The city said people should not drink the water or eat the fish from a retention pond.

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