Fully vaccinated Manitobans to be exempt from isolation requirements after COVID-19 exposure

One of the firsts perks to be extended to fully vaccinated Manitobans — apart from the significantly reduced risk of getting gravely ill or dying from COVID-19 — will see those who have received two doses no longer needing to adhere to provincial isolation requirements in the event of an exposure.

The exemption applies to anyone who is two weeks past their second dose and comes into contact with a positive case, provided the fully immunized person hasn’t developed symptoms themselves, said the medical lead of the provincial vaccine rollout.

“We wanted to show this example today so that Manitobans can see there already is a benefit, again apart from the health benefits,” Dr. Joss Reimer said Wednesday during a news conference.

“Nobody wants to have to isolate. People want to be able to go to work, they want to be able to continue to function in their life, and provide all the things that they need for their families.”

The announcement comes days into Manitoba’s second-dose campaign. The first wave of eligibility was extended to select groups with health conditions on Friday.

Indigenous Manitobans became eligible early this week, and as of Wednesday Manitobans who received their first dose on or before March 29 are also eligible for their second jab.

Reimer said Manitoba’s chief provincial health officer is working with officials on other privileges that will be announced soon.

Currently Manitobans who come into contact with a positive case have to isolate for two weeks. Some exceptions apply.

A close contact is defined as anyone who spends 10 minutes or more in close proximity to someone who tests positive for COVID-19.

Manitobans can book appointments on the province’s website or by calling 1-844-626-8222. 

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