‘He was my pride and joy,’ mother says of Winnipeg man killed in shooting

More than a hundred people gathered in Winnipeg’s North End on Sunday evening to mourn and call for justice for a father, friend, son and “protector” of others who was shot in the street while walking to a convenience store.

They gathered around a cross nailed to a tree near Stella Avenue and McGregor Street in a vigil in honour of Anthony James Sinclair, 35, who was shot Thursday night around 7:15 p.m. and later died in hospital.

Friends and relatives placed lit candles at the base of the tree, in front of a photo of Sinclair holding two of his five children.

Community members led a smudging ceremony and drummers sang the eagle song for him as loved ones held each other and sobbed, including his mother, Theresa Sinclair.

“Everybody liked Tony. He had a very good sense of humour, he had always a smile on his face, he was always joking around,” she said.

“He was my baby. He was my pride and joy. They took something away from me that will never be replaced.”

Bernadette Sinclair cries for the man she had raised since he was three years old. She and more than 100 other people gathered on Sunday in the area where Anthony Sinclair had been shot on Thursday. He later died in hospital. (Walther Bernal/CBC)

Bernadette Sinclair said she was like Tony’s mother and helped raise him since he was three years old.

“He’s the only son that I had and he’s gone,” she said.

Friends of Tony Sinclair’s, several of whom lived in the area, said he was shot while on his way to the convenience store on McGregor Street to get a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of pop.

His partner, who attended the vigil with two of his sons — age six and three — said she was too distraught to speak but wanted justice.

Anthony Sinclair’s best friend cries at a vigil for the 35-year-old father who was shot and killed on Thursday. (Erin Brohman/CBC)

Sinclair’s best friend and neighbour, who declined to provide his name, spoke at the vigil, saying the man was a fun-loving guy who protected others.

He admitted both he and Sinclair had struggled in the past, but both had turned a corner and were “doing good.”

“I know not everybody feels this way but he is in a better place,” his best friend said through tears.

Family members are calling for justice to be done.

“He had no enemies and I don’t know why this person did that, whoever they are. I want them brought to justice, I don’t care how long it takes,” Theresa Sinclair said.

“I’m going to be in court every day and make sure that guy goes to jail for a long time,” Bernadette Sinclair added.

As of Friday, Winnipeg police said no arrests had been made.

Anyone with information about the homicide are asked to call police at 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).

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