Here is where you can now find the giant football from the Pemby Hotel


A giant football that used to be on display at the Pembina Hotel now has a new home in another part of the city.

The football has made its way to Portage Avenue after Chuck Lewis, owner of Expert Electric, saw it up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

“I contacted them right away and said, “No matter what, I want it,’” he said.

“Everybody knows the Pembina football. It’s been there for two decades.”

Lewis noted it was easy to move the football across the city, but said it needed a bit of work.

“When they took it down, they dropped it and they cracked it in half,” he said.

“So we spent about a week rebuilding it.”

Lewis said he doesn’t have room for the football outside of his business, so it is on display a few doors over at 2181 Portage Avenue.

“So now, Winnipeggers can come down and enjoy it, do a bunch of selfies and get behind the Bombers,” he said.

He added the football will be staying on the building as a permanent fixture.

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