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Here’s when Winnipeg will start spraying for mosquitoes

Some Winnipeg residents are being asked to stay inside and close their windows overnight as the city prepares to start fogging for mosquitoes.

The adult nuisance mosquito control program is expected to start Sunday at 9:30 p.m. and wrap up around 6:30 a.m. – weather permitting.

The 10 insect management areas that will be impacted by the spraying include:

  • Kilcona Park, River East, Springfield North, Valhalla;
  • Kildonan Drive, Rossmere A;
  • Glenwood, Norwood East, Norwood West;
  • Alpine Place, Elm Park, Lavalee, St. George, Varennes, Worthington;
  • Kingston Crescent, Minnetonka, Norberry, Pulberry, Victoria Crescent;
  • Maple Grove Park, Normand Park, River Park South, St. Vital Centre, Vista;
  • Betsworth, Ridgewood South, River West Park, Roblin Park, Southbine, Westdale;
  • Elmhurst, Eric Coy, Marlton, Ridgedale, Varsity View, Vialoux;
  • Assiniboine Park;
  • Jefferson, Kildonan Park, Seven Oaks.

“There’s a lot of water in the ground,” said Thomas Bohm, the city’s Insect Control Branch operations and safety coordinator heliport manager. “We see that there’s larva hatching right now, as we speak, and they just hatched, and we’ve seen the numbers jump up significantly.”

As of Saturday, the city-wide trap count is 138, while the Adulticiding Factor Analysis rating moved from medium to high. Since all of the conditions were met, the city said it will be going ahead with its nuisance mosquito fogging.

“I never hope to have to fog,” Bohm said. “Larviciding is always our first defence for controlling mosquitoes.”

However, Bohm said the rain and wind have made it difficult for crews’ larviciding efforts on the ground and in the air.

He also said this is the first time in two years that the city is fogging to get rid of the mosquitoes.

“I think over the last several years we haven’t seen this kind of activity for a little while,” Bohm said. “Looking at our data for the last six years, we’ve been in sort of a lull, it’s been dryer and we’ve been able to stay on top of it quite a bit more than we have in this year.” 

To treat the areas, the city said it will be using insecticide DeltaGard 20EW and prioritize areas with the highest pesky skeeter populations.

Residents who live near the impacted areas can apply for a buffer zone, which will prevent the city from spraying within 90 metres of the property. This can be done online, via email or fax, or in-person. At least 72 hours of turnaround time is required.

“There’s no fogging during the day,” Bohm said.

Residents are also encouraged to stop the spread of skeeters by draining water from eaves troughs, dumping standing water from bird baths and kiddy pools when they aren’t being used, and cover rainwater collection containers or large pools.

“If you’re using your rain barrels to water your plants and you notice some mosquito larvae, one cap of bleach will kill it. And after 24 hours…that’s when it is safe to water your plants,” said Bohm.

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