How a Winnipeg school is getting ahead of provincial contact tracing

WINNIPEG — One Winnipeg school is being proactive when it comes to contact tracing.

In a letter from Nov. 4, John Taylor Collegiate informed parents and guardians that someone with COVID-19 was at the school on Oct. 23. The letter notes the school has identified close contacts and is notifying families. 

This letter comes as Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief provincial public health officer, said there was a backlog of contact tracing in the province.

“So there was a delay,” Roussin said.

“Now we’re back to it getting to many of the cases within 24 hours of the notification.”

John Taylor Collegiate is working with Public Health to determine what its next steps will be.

The school said it welcomes students and staff to continue coming to school, while also following the safety protocols it has put in place.

“We continue to support school attendance and believe that the school is a safe place to be,” the letter said.

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