Manitoba sending help to B.C. to deal with flooding


British Columbia is still being hit by intense rainfall and flooding and now the Manitoba government is sending help.

The province told CTV News that it has sent a representative from the Emergency Measures Organization who will provide assistance at B.C.’s Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre.

“The province has also identified approximately 20 additional flood specialists with a variety of skill sets including hydro-technical and geotechnical expertise to assist in the flood response and recovery if B.C. needs,” the province said in an emailed statement.

The province added it continues to work with B.C. to identify specific needs.

“At this time Manitoba will advise on capacities and knowledge useful in the response and recovery phase of the current flooding in B.C.”

The Manitoba representative was sent to B.C. on Nov. 30, and the province anticipates they will be there for three weeks.

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