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‘My flight was cancelled’: Winter weather leading to flight issues in Winnipeg and across Canada

Waves of winter weather, from snowstorms to plunging temperatures, are wreaking havoc at Canadian airports.

Hundreds of flight have been cancelled or delayed in the past couple of days, including some in Winnipeg.

Marika Wiebe was one of the people dealing with the impacts of winter.

“I’m supposed to be flying to Sri Lanka, but my flight was cancelled after a couple of delays yesterday,” she said. “I was supposed to leave at 4:30 p.m. (Friday) and it’s 1 p.m. the next day and I’m still here.”

While she is disappointed by the circumstances, she understands some things are simply out of hers and the airline’s control.

“They’ve been really good. They’ve gotten me all my flights rebooked and as long as the weather holds up, I should leave.”

According to the Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) website, seven departing flights, as well as seven arriving flights were cancelled on Saturday. Several other flights were also delayed.

“Our airline partners ultimately make the decision of whether to delay or cancel the flight,” said Michel Rosset, the communication manager with the WAA.

“A lot of it is based around safety, which is a huge aspect of the aviation industry.”

Rosset is reminding passengers to keep a close eye on flight times before leaving the house.

“Even if you’re flying over the next couple of days, because oftentimes when we see cancellations and delays, there is a bit of a ripple effect.”

Gabor Lukacs, the president of air passenger rights, said if your flight is cancelled or delayed, you may be eligible for compensation.

“Document everything. Take photos, ideally photos that showed a date and the time that will later be evidence to show that other airlines were operating in this weather,” said Lukacs.

For would-be passengers, dealing with the ebbs and flow of travel have become the norm.

“I think my last three trips I’ve had crazy delays like this. Like spent nights in London for instance, or Denver. Sometimes I had my bag, sometimes I didn’t,” said Wiebe.

The WAA said if your flight is cancelled or delayed, don’t rush to the airport and instead, contact the airline directly by phone.

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