Over 30,000 football fans brave the cold to cheer Bombers on to 3rd consecutive Grey Cup final

Thunderous cheering from more than 30,000 football fans erupted at IG Field on Sunday as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeated the B.C. Lions in the West Division final—a win that will take the team to the Grey Cup next weekend to play for their third consecutive title.

The Bombers will battle the East Division champion, the Toronto Argonauts, in Regina, Sask., next Sunday. 

People were predicting the win before the game, including the Ruml family — all of whom describe themselves as big Bomber fans.

“We’re poised to win, we are. But it’s not gonna be a cake walk,” said Mark Ruml.

Pam Pompana, Santee Ruml, Nina Ruml, and Mark Ruml went to the game together and proudly describe themselves as big Bomber fans. (Joanne Roberts/CBC)

Many fans, like Tyrell Gauthier, continued their celebration as they exited the stadium. He thinks next week’s Grey Cup final will end with Winnipeg on top. 

“Of course we’re gonna win. We’re the Bombers! We never, not win,” Gauthier said. 

Other fans echoed the sentiment. Gregory Liverpool, a Bombers fan for over 35 years, was excited about the possibility of a “three-peat”.

“We’re coming for Toronto! Andrew Harris, you should have not left the city at all,” said Liverpool after the game.

If the Bombers pull off a win against Toronto, Winnipeg would become the first team to win three consecutive CFL titles since the Edmonton Eskimos won five straight titles from 1978 to 1982.

William Smith, a Toronto native and Argonauts fan, was at the Western Division final. He said he hopes for a “barn burner game” that keeps fans at the edge of their seats.

A friendly rivalry: William Smith stands beside a Bombers fan as they celebrate both teams going to the Grey Cup final on Sunday. (Walther Bernal/CBC)

“I’m so impressed with [the Blue Bombers] today. Also the Argonauts played a great game in Toronto,” Smith said.

“I think [the Bombers] want to play a great game against us. I think it’ll be a great thing … it’ll be a great game.”

Regina will host the 109th Grey Cup next week. Smith said he hopes it doesn’t snow at the final in Regina on Sunday like it did in Winnipeg.

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