RCMP looking for boy after Virden clinic receives troubling phone call

RCMP are searching for a four-year-old boy after the Virden Health Centre received a troubling phone call from a child saying he needed a doctor. 

Police say they received a report about the call last Thursday. 

The health centre told them that a four-year-old boy had called them saying he needed a doctor. Identifying himself as Jason, the boy told an employee at the clinic that he hurt his toe, but didn’t seem to be in distress, an RCMP news release says. 

He told the employee that he was at home with his mom, who was asleep, and his younger brother Hayden who could be heard crying in the background. 

Clinic staff asked Jason to go wake up his mother, but Jason said he could not. They then asked him to go to a neighbour’s house to get help. 

Staff on the call could hear the boy get into his winter clothes, walk outside in the snow and knock on two doors, but nobody answered. 

The clinic staff then asked Jason if they could give them his mom’s licence plate number, but the call was disconnected, and it had come from a blocked number. The clinic called police shortly after. 

Officers have knocked on dozens of doors, including an entire apartment building, and contacted schools in the area. Staff at the Virden Health Centre have also looked through medical charts to see if anyone fits the description of the boy who was on the call. 

But thus far, RCMP have not been able to figure out who Jason is so they can check on his and his family’s well-being. 

Anyone with information that could help RCMP is asked to call the Virden detachment at 204-748-2046.

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