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RCMP rescue 6 people in northern Manitoba after collision launched boat onto land

Two people were injured in a boating accident in northern Manitoba that led to a rescue operation in the dark.

RCMP received an iPhone satellite emergency call at 9:45 p.m. on Tuesday about a 34-year-old woman with serious injuries from a boat collision located deep in a forest near Frog Creek, south of Cormorant, Man.

Mounties say officers and a local lake and river guide had to navigate roughly 20 kilometres along Cormorant Lake, then turning into Frog Creek, in total darkness and fog to get to the scene.

They found a nine-metre aluminum commercial fishing boat that had been launched about 12 metres onto land with its six-person crew, after hitting something underwater, RCMP said in a news release on Friday. 

Officers transported the injured woman and a 42-year-old man — who was also injured — back to shore, where an ambulance was waiting. 

Paramedics took the two injured people to the hospital in The Pas, Man., where they were treated for their injuries and were later released, RCMP said.

Officers went back to the scene of the collision and picked up the remaining crew membrs, who were physically uninjured.

Supt. Paul Peddle, commander of the Manitoba RCMP’s North District, stated in Friday’s news release that the rescue operation was “very challenging” because it occurred at night in foggy conditions.

Peddle said the local guide, officers and paramedics “went above and beyond” and were able to help the people in need.

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