Seven Oaks School Division struggling to fill teacher absences

WINNIPEG — The Seven Oaks School Division has said it is struggling to fill teacher absences, even though the school division continues to hire additional substitutes.

In a letter sent out by assistant superintendent Verland Force on Friday, it said there is “increased absenteeism” because Public Health is advising people to stay home when they are sick.

“At the same time, our substitute pool has been depleted as we continue to add staffing to schools to reduce class sizes and to provide remote learning during the education Restricted Orange level,” the letter said.

Due to the current problem, the school division is asking all high schools to “cover absenteeism internally.”

The assistant superintendent said in the letter that starting Monday, high schools are to fill in their absences as “no substitute required” and instead request coverage internally.

“We are asking that all K-8 schools refrain from all substitute requests for teacher release time,” the letter said.

This request is asked to be done over the next several weeks.

CTV News has reached out to the province and the Manitoba Teachers’ Society for comment.

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