Shoppers warned to watch for fake Manitobah Mukluks sites

Manitobah Mukluks is warning customers to watch for fake websites selling their products.

“We’re seeing a lot of scam sites that are popping up pretending to be Manitobah Mukluks,” said Lor Brand, the marketing coordinator and artist relations with the store.

Brand said what they’ve seen is ads and websites try and trick customers into paying for what they think is Manitobah Mukluks products, and they are marked at a big discount.

“Those sites are taking our product images, our name, our logo, creating a website and selling our products at a very deep discount, taking people’s money and never delivering any product because they’re not associated with us.”

The company says it only sells and advertises through and websites, as well as some wholesalers.

It recommends you check the page you’re on as well as its ‘About Us’ section and warns to be wary of any heavy discounts.

Winnipeg police told CTV News the financial crimes unit received one report Tuesday about a scam site, saying an item was posted on an online classified ad.

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