Snow shenanigans: Winnipeggers play after Manitoba blanketed over the weekend

Manitoba’s dump of snow might have closed highways and caused some back pain for shovelers, but a number of Winnipeggers had fun in the fresh powder this weekend.

For some, it was especially exciting.

Greicy Marcano and Hector Cruz experienced their first taste of Canadian winter and first time playing in snow on Sunday. The couple from Venezuela spent the afternoon building a snowman in Assinioboine Park.

“It’s my first winter with my family. It’s very special. It’s very different than South America,” Marcano said. “We enjoy the snow. It’s very cold and we’re very happy.”

“It’s really, really amazing with a spectacular view,” Cruz added.

WATCH | Winnipeggers play in the snow:

Fun in the snow

14 hours ago

Winnipeggers make the most of the first big dump of snow this winter 2:03

Kyle Daniels took his son Benjamin and nephew Deserae Lepine tobogganning at Garbage Hill. 

“The snow is here, so we’re taking full advantage of it,” Daniels said in between trips down the hill.

Hector Cruz and Greicy Marcano celebrated their first experience with Manitoba snow by making a snowman. (Walther Bernal/CBC)

When asked what his favourite part of the day was, Benjamin said, “Sliding down the hill and crashing … We fell off of [the toboggan].” 

“Yeah, it’s been good times,” Daniels added.

What better way to celebrate a big dump of snow than to go tobogganing on Garbage Hill? (Walther Bernal/CBC)

Jessica Espiritu joined a few friends at Garbage Hill to enjoy the snow and take a couple of spills.

“It’s a nice, safe way to enjoy the weather and have fun with friends outside,” she said.

James and Ihor Barwinsky made ski tracks for fellow cross-country skiers at Assiniboine Park on Sunday afternoon. (Walther Bernal/CBC)

Back in Assiniboine Park, ski volunteers Ihor and James Barwinsky set out to make tracks for fellow cross-country skiers to enjoy.

“The amount that came down, I’m quite surprised actually,” Ihor said.

Even given the amount of snow, Ihor was pleased with the day — it was relatively warm and sunny.

“It’s not -30 C, so we’re going to go with -3 C instead.”

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