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System of dry lightning sparks several wildfires in Manitoba: province

A system of dry lightning has sparked several natural-start wildfires over the past 24 hours in parts of Manitoba.

In a fire bulletin released Friday, the province said the system triggered an increase in wildfires in the northwestern and eastern regions of the province.

Officials warn Manitobans, particularly in The Pas and Flin Flon areas, to remain diligent and use extreme caution while in forested areas due to drought conditions.

“As all wildfires to date in the eastern region have been caused by human activity, Manitobans are reminded to carefully observe fire prevention measures. Be sure to check and maintain all equipment, such as vehicle tires, trailers, off-road vehicles and any other equipment travelling along roadways and trails,” the bulletin said.

Manitobans are reminded to monitor campfires, don’t burn in windy conditions and be sure to extinguish campfires completely before leaving by soaking the flames with water and dirt, stirring with a stick or shovel, soaking the fire again and repeating the process until the air above is cool to the touch.

Officials say burning permits are required for outdoor fires set within the burn permit area from April 1 to Nov. 15 annually. They can be acquired at provincial district offices.

More information can be found on the province’s website

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