The new way Winnipeggers can help the city stop mosquitoes

WINNIPEG — The City of Winnipeg has launched a new way for Winnipeggers to help cut down on mosquitoes.

The city is asking residents to report standing water – which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes – so the city can larvicide the area and reduce the mosquito population.

Winnipeggers can now use a new 311 self-service request form to tell the city where the standing water is, the location will then be reported to the Insect Control Branch for inspection and treatment.

“Residents are also now able to view existing standing water sites that we monitor on a regular basis, and if they notice a new location with standing water, they can send in the information to us directly from their mobile device, computer, or tablet,” Ken Nawolsky, the superintendent of Insect Control, said in a news release.

The city said residents can contact 311 with their phones, email and social media for information and service requests.

A city spokesperson said it will be a few days before the city has a better idea of how the recent rainfalls in Winnipeg will impact the mosquito population.

They said it is anticipated on Sunday crews will begin larviciding in ditches where water has accumulated. 

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